Desktop Sales Explode in the New Decade with Double-​Digit Growth

It's been a rough 10 years or so for the consumer retail desktop market, but according to new data from leading market research company The NPD Group's Retail Tracking Service, this new decade is off to a booming start. 

Desktop sales in February increased 30% in units and 33% in dollars year-​over-​year.  In fact, February marks the third time in the last four months that desktop revenue grew faster than notebooks, and the fifth consecutive month of desktop revenue and unit increases.  Average selling prices climbed almost 3% versus February 2009 to $670 and were far above the notebook/​netbook ASP of $602.

"Desktops have been the surprise consumer technology growth category of 2010," said Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis, NPD.  "Desktop growth has come from both PCs and Macs.  Windows 7 has been propelling the PC side of the market where desktop ASPs have been higher than notebook/​netbook ASPs in three of the last four months. We are also seeing tremendous growth numbers from the iMac after a few lackluster quarters from Apple."

Windows desktops saw a 15% rise in units and an 8% increase in dollars over the four months since Windows 7 launched.  This increase, while modest, is a positive trend considering that prior to the introduction of Windows 7 desktop sales declined 21 out of 22 months.

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