Digital Audience Targeting Brings in New Business and $42,000+

BY Courtney Huckabay
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Challenge: Dental group moved and needed to spread awareness

Neftali Palma knew of a dentist who recently moved to a new location and because of the new construction was not able to use offline marketing effectively. As a digital account manager at the Clarion-​Ledger, Palma was sure he could help this family-​owned business find success through digital advertising. The dentist’s daughter would be entering the practice upon graduation, and they wanted to help increase her patient count too.

Their practice recently invested heavily in new technology but no one in the area knew they were able to do some procedures locally instead of driving into the city [Jackson, Mississippi],” Palma explained.

Solution: AudienceSCAN stats drill down to root of customer base

I did a search on AudienceSCAN for ‘dentist’ and [found insight about the customer’s] decision-​making processes,” Palma said.

He shared this research with the dentist and compared it to his previous client list. Palma even got the meeting with the dentist through digital means!

This was a new client [who] I reached out to using Facebook and [then set up] face-​to-​face meetings.”

Result: $42,000 campaign brings in 5 new patients!

Palma helped his dentist compose a campaign that targeted the users described in the AudienceSCAN profiles. The dental group focused on SEM and social media advertising with targeted display. The practice signed a six-​month campaign at an average of $7,146 per month. The campaign brought 5 new patients each worth approximately $2,500! Palma said this was the best return on investment they’d seen in years!

The client mentioned, “We are getting more and more phone calls from the internet.”

Palma also heard from his client that some of the audience segments used in this campaign had not been brought to the client's attention before, and he appreciated the options. And Palma is still nurturing the relationship.

We are in discussions currently about using remarketing techniques to assist with conversion and lead tracking,” Palma said.

I have been using AdMall for 1 year and my favorite feature is AudienceSCAN because it helps to develop audiences that advertisers may have missed or not viewed as potential targets.”

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