Digital Audit Convinces Oncology Advertiser to Switch Vendors for $95,000 Sale

Sell Smarter Brian Burgess

Challenge: Convince a potential client that their current advertising approach wasn’t working

Brian Burgess had been an AdMall user since his first day at Tegna Texas Digital Media, so he was already familiar with its powerful tools when he made a sales call to a local oncology office.

My favorite thing about AdMall is that it only takes about a minute to pull a report. The information that I get from the report hands down gives me all […] I need to start a conversation about a client’s digital marketing,” said Burgess. “It leads to a deeper conversation that allows me to discover the pain points of their current situation and the selling points that I need to focus on.”

The oncologist was already partnered with an advertising vendor and thought things were going well. That is, until Burgess brought forth a targeted AdMall Digital Audit report to show the client where the vendor was not living up to their potential. The client was impressed, so impressed, in fact, that they bid farewell to their current vendor and signed with Burgess.

Solution: Use AdMall’s tools to illustrate opportunities for improvement

Using the information that I received from the Digital Audit, I was able to successfully show the client where their current vendor was missing the boat,” said Burgess. “The audit showed certain key points that ultimately led to the client allowing us to take control of their website, start their PPC campaign, social media management and social ads, brand building and SEO.”

Using the report as an outline, Burgess showed the client where to best focus their advertising. As a result, the new campaign was comprised of mostly digital ads, but also included a healthy broadcast TV schedule. According to Burgess, they did this because they wanted to continue to drive their local branding in the community, to connect with those people that tune in to the nightly news.

Result: An ad buy of $8K a month and a better ROI for the advertiser

Not long after the new ads were running, Burgess received a glowing follow-​up call.

Within the first week, we received a phone call from the client telling us how much he appreciates what we are doing and that their Facebook engagement has exploded,” said Burgess. “He said he couldn’t be happier. For the amount he was paying the California vendor compared to what he is getting now was night and day.” 

Adam Ambro

Adam Ambro

Adam Ambro is the Client Success Manager for SalesFuel. He is responsible for the onboarding of all new AdMall clients and aids in client training. He holds a bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University.