Digital Dads Emerging as Powerful Segment for Marketers to Connect With

Dads in America love to save money, and have figured out a simple way to do so: by using their mobile phones. According to a new poll, 58% of American dads with smartphones said they had taken action on a promotion or coupon received on their phones, outpacing moms and those without kids. Digital

According to the findings from this study, “Digital Dads” (those with smartphones and kids under 18 in the household) are emerging as a powerful segment for marketers to connect with. Not only are “Mobile Moms” finding ways to save money using their phones; now, Digital Dads are finding real value in checking their phones for offers from brands they like, and are more likely than others to opt-​in to location-​based offers and share deals with friends.

At first we were surprised to see how interested fathers are in getting offers on their phones – but it really makes sense, because men from 18–34 have historically been early adopters to new tech, and those ages overlap with the dad demographic,” says Placecast CEO Alistair Goodman. “Smart marketers are recognizing that younger dads are spending more time with their kids and also more engaged with family shopping – there’s great potential to reach them using their devices, especially tablets.”

High-​level findings of ‘Alert Shopper IV: Digital Dads’ report include:

The majority of Digital Dads want mobile promotions. 7 out of 10 (69%) dads who have smartphones and don’t already receive mobile alerts say they are at least somewhat interested in receiving them from merchants on their phones (provided it was OPT-​IN), while 6 out of 10 mobile moms said the same, as did just over 4 out of 10 (42%) of those without kids in the household.

Digital Dads act on offers. Dads are more likely to take action on a mobile offer than moms; 58% of dads surveyed said they had taken action on a promotion or coupon received on their phones, compared to 46% of moms, and just 31% of those without kids in the household.

Digital Dads like to share a deal. Over half (53%) of the Digital Dads who are at least somewhat interested or already receive alerts said they would recommend the store to others, compared to just under half of the moms (48%) and 35% of those without kids in the household.

Most Dads find local mobile offers useful. 4 out of 5 Digital Dads and Mobile Moms would find location-​based mobile offers at least somewhat useful, with dads having a very slight lead — 81% of dads versus 79% of moms. Parents are significantly more interested in the convenience of local offers than those without kids in the household, of which 55% said that local mobile alerts would be useful.

Dads are mad for tablets. 55% of Dads have a tablet, compared to 39% of moms and just 30% of those without kids in the household.

The Alert Shopper IV, which I have been involved with for four waves of research, reveals interesting and important social and marketing trends,” says Kathryn Koegel, Chief of Insights at Primary Impact, the research consultancy that analyzed the Harris Interactive data. “We know that men in the Millennial group (18 – 34) are taking on broader responsibilities in parenting, not the least of which is shopping for their families. We always used to speak of women as the primary household shopper and heavy user of coupons, but as the Alert Shopper IV attests to, mobile devices are their activation point. Dads today are researching, responding to and redeeming all manner of promotions via their phones and tablets. What’s also interesting is that the use of location for targeting offers is very likely to be accepted by dads – this paired with their high likelihood to use phones for social networking points to this group as an important segment for marketers to be focusing on.”

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