Disruptive TeamKeeper® 2.0 Launches with 4 New Tools for Developing Managers

Develop an employee and you improve one person’s job performance. Develop a manager and you’ve improved the entire team.” So says SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith about why he created his new data-​driven management platform, TeamKeeper®, which develops smarter, more effective managers. The new 2.0 version is rolling out 4 new, significant features that increase the power to change company culture and help leadership Manage Smarter™.

TeamKeeper is the nation’s first platform turning employee performance and company improvement models upside down. How is it disruptive? Managers have historically gotten their feedback from their managers. What’s disruptive about TeamKeeper is that the employee perspective is also considered in determining how to improve managers’ coaching, company culture, how leaders lead and how talent is developed. This focus helps managers improve their ability to coach and develop employees as well as increase retention. TeamKeeper doesn’t just identify culture and management issues, it provides managers at all levels with the solutions to fix them. This is important because multiple studies show the No. 1 reason employees leave a company voluntarily is due to dissatisfaction with their direct managers. TeamKeeper improves mangers, thereby improving company culture and thus improving overall employee performance ultimately leading to improved ROI.

High-​performing teams must start with high-​performing managers,” Smith says. “Because workforce expectations have changed significantly, management MUST ALSO CHANGE. Younger employees, including millennials, demand professional development and opportunities for growth. Companies that ignore this lose thousands in churn/​turnover costs — eating away at their profits.”

Version 2.0 adds two major enhancements, QuickCoaching™ and Culture Check, as well as two additional capabilities/​features.

*QuickCoaching™ — No longer can managers claim they don’t know how to coach or don’t have time to coach. TeamKeeper now features QuickCoaching — a new approach toward helping time-​starved managers quickly and easily coach their employees to higher performance. TeamKeeper prescribes the most helpful professional development guidance based on the employee’s PersonaPlus™ assessment findings. Within seconds, managers can assign one of the recommendations from TeamKeeper’s library of 600+ article summaries from the SalesFuel experts, or one of nearly 200 short videos and podcasts.

Each QuickCoaching recommendation includes a specific list of coaching questions that guide managers in leading an effective follow-​up discussion of 5 minutes or less.

Our new QuickCoaching methodology enables managers to bridge the gap between standard one-​on-​one coaching sessions and keeps momentum from waning,” Smith says. “TeamKeeper also suggests the best ways to adapt communication with each employee based on the situation at hand – such as recognition, correction, praise and motivation.”

*Culture Check — TeamKeeper’s Culture Check provides 48 measurable metrics across the Four Facets of Company Culture: How leaders lead, how managers manage, how the company develops talent and the impact of co-​workers and the workplace environment. All of these data points come from the employees up to leadership, not the other direction.
“Company culture is not what leadership thinks it is,” Smith says. “It’s what your employees say it is based on their perception. Most leaders get a huge wakeup call once they see how employees measure them and their managers. TeamKeeper then guides them toward a more productive and profitable work culture every day.”
Some of the 48 metrics measured by Culture Check include: Fairness in Recognition, Safety in Admitting Mistakes, Level of Micromanaging, Training Investments, Company Profits Over People Perception, Coaching Effectiveness and Frequency, and even things like Encouragement and Manager Accountability by Executives.

Other important new features added in TeamKeeper Version 2.0 include:
 Integrations – TeamKeeper integrates with HR systems, learning management systems, email calendars, Slack and more. Integrations get updated daily. The SalesForce CRM is integrated now for the sales team as well as Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM and Hubspot.
 SalesFuel TV – A terrific tool for recognition, SalesFuel TV works with TeamKeeper to feed a big-​screen display in your workplace that populates with all kinds of information, including leader boards, achievements, benchmarks/​goals and company information. It is customizable with your own logo, photos, local time and temperature as well as 3‑day weather forecast. Future enhancements will include more social features including photo galleries. All it requires is an Apple TV app to integrate into the TeamKeeper system.

Keeping better employees lowers HR hiring and retraining costs, thereby boosting profits. Revenues increase when you keep your highest performing employees longer. Happier employees who are developing also have increased productivity and improved attitudes, resulting in happier end-​clients who may increase their spending or be more open to upselling. Happier employees in positive work places are less likely to waste time with gossip, drama and negative interactions among other employees.


• Reducing Embarrassing and Costly Hiring Mistakes
Make sure the person you interview is the same person you get on the job with TeamKeeper’s 4 in-​depth, diagnostic assessments for sales, marketing and customer service.
• Developing the Talent You Already Have
TeamKeeper analytics reveal the hidden issues that keep employees from getting to the next level.
• Motivating the Team to Higher Performance
TeamKeeper’s Motivators surveys reveal what really encourages each individual employee for the greatest impact.
• Being the Place Where Good Talent Wants to Work
Measuring and improving your culture is the secret to what it takes to create a happy, productive work-​space. TeamKeeper monitors the pulse of your team.

To learn more about TeamKeeper and schedule a demo of the new platform, click here.

Audrey Strong

Audrey Strong

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