Does Your Client’s Digital Campaign Score for Social Responsibility?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Want to attract new customers and have existing customers buy more from your client? Have them practice social responsibility. What is social responsibility? How can your client add it to their digital campaigns? Read on.

Does Your Client’s Digital Campaign Score for Social Responsibility?

What is Social Responsibility?

According to Investopedia, social responsibility is, “The principle that, in addition to pursuing profit generation, corporations should strive to act in a way that positively affects society and the world.” Your client’s company can practice social responsibility many ways, such as:

  • Making eco-​friendly changes to their business practices
  • Charitable giving and raising funds for charitable organizations
  • Promoting volunteering, both among their employees and customers/​followers
  • Engaging in ethical labor practices
  • Paying employees livable wages

Why Does It Matter?

Aside from the obvious answer of doing good for the world, social responsibility’s benefits extend directly to your client’s sales. According to KPMG’s Consumer pulse Winter 2023 report, 33% of consumers say that a brand’s social responsibility is an important factor they consider before making a purchase. Social responsibility is especially important to:

  • Members of Generation Z: 36% of consumers who care about social responsibility fall within this demographic
  • Millennials: 35%
  • Members of Generation X: 33%
  • Both Men and Women: 33% vs. 32%

In particular, these consumers are most impacted by social responsibility that affects:

  • Fair Wages: 23% of consumers who care about social responsibility agree
  • Animal Wellbeing: 21%
  • Employee and Supply Chain Health and Safety: 20%
  • Employee Human Rights: 18%
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: 16%
  • Community Service Participation: 12%
  • Corporate Donations: 10%

Even more consumers care about environmentally-​specific social responsibility (36% of consumers).

If your client participates in any of these social responsibility categories, or at least plans to soon, they should incorporate those efforts into their upcoming digital campaign.

Digital Campaigns and Social Responsibility

How do consumers learn about a brand’s social responsibility efforts? Through the brand’s marketing efforts.

  • 42% of consumers who care about social responsibility rely on word of mouth to determine a company’s level of responsibility
  • 39% rely on product marketing to inform them
  • 39% will research brands’ social responsibility online
  • 36% will check the company’s website
  • 26% rely on the word of social media influencers

All of those answers can easily be tied into a digital campaign. If you add your client’s social responsibility efforts to your client’s digital, search, social media, content marketing, influencer marketing and more, consumers will know that they share values with your client’s brand. That will make them more likely to make purchases from your client over a competitor who doesn’t engage in social responsibility.

What Media to Use

Want to know what ad media types to use in your client’s social responsibility digital campaign or want to add some traditional elements to make it a multichannel campaign? Look up your client’s target audience’s profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. There, not only will you be able to discover which types of causes are important to your client’s target consumers, you’ll also be able to look up which types of advertising media influenced the highest percentages of that audience to take action within the last year.

With that information, you’ll know exactly which types of ads to use to promote the causes your client supports that will resonate best with their target audience. Even if your client doesn’t currently engage in social responsibility but wants to, this information can help them decide which efforts will best affect both their sales and the world at large. There’s no better time than now to make a difference in the world (and your client’s annual reports).

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