"Down to Earth" Trend to Impact Beauty Industry in 2011

In keeping with the New Year's tradition of out with the old and in with the new, the experts at Mintel Beauty Innovation have unveiled the key trend set to shape the beauty industry in 2011, emerging from innovation from the past year: "Down to Earth." 

Closely linked with sustainability, the Down to Earth trend addresses the practicalities of making and marketing green beauty. Factors include managing price pressure due to varying supply and demand of natural and organic raw materials and learning to master the challenges of green chemistry—such as the use of sustainable surfactants, 'green' solvents and alternatives to parabens. Free-​from formulas—a key trend in 2010—continue to evolve in an effort to avoid petrochemically-​derived ingredients.

In 2010, 13% of new skincare, hair care and cosmetics made the paraben-​free claim (up 5% from 2008). Also in 2010, almost 9% of new skincare, hair care and cosmetics made the organic claim (twice as many as in 2007); the all-​natural claim was found in fewer than 3% of launches in 2010.

According to Nica Lewis, Head Consultant at Mintel Beauty Innovation, "paraben-​free claims actually outpaced organic and all-​natural claims in new skincare, hair care and cosmetics launches in 2010, backing up Mintel's Nu Natural trend that predicted that brands would emphasize results and free-​from claims over certification. 2011 will see beauty companies placing increased importance on the environment, focusing on sustainable sourcing with attention to maintaining biodiversity. A renewed emphasis on repackaging to minimize waste will also be a factor."

Developments in the global beauty industry over the past year have been closely monitored by Mintel's Beauty Innovation team and while skincare launches* dipped slightly in Europe and the US in 2010, China saw dynamic growth with a 40% jump in new skincare products.

Around the world, anti-​aging claims are still vital, with more than one in four launches making this claim, up 5% over 2009. New skincare products with environmentally-​friendly packaging were also up 5% on the previous year showing manufacturers' commitment to recycling and eco-​friendly materials—a trend Mintel expects to have real impact in 2011.

[Source:  Mintel Beauty Innovation.  Mintel.  6 Jan. 2011.  Web.  12 Jan. 2011.]