Drug Stores Becoming New Convenience Destination

Drug stores are becoming a destination for convenient purchases, particularly, food and beverages.  In fact, some industry analysts believe drug stores are becoming the new convenience stores. Drug store

Approximately one-​quarter (24%) of drug store shopping trips are described as immediate consumption occasions (an occasion where foods and beverages purchased are consumed within one hour of purchase), while 29% are stocking up on items, such as OTC, personal care and consumable items.

This underscores the opportunities for drug stores to capitalize on immediate consumption and the potential for snack, portable foods and beverages offerings.

As with all other channels, shoppers visiting drug stores exhibit both "browse and buy" and "search and retrieve" shopping styles:

  • 58% say they are "browsing and buying." This involves discovery and being surprised.
  • 38% say they are "searching and retrieving," which is chiefly about getting in and out of the store.


As drug stores continue to tweak their product mix by integrating more food products, higher-​quality private brands, and beverages (including micro-​brew beers and barista-​crafted coffee and espresso drinks), competition will remain fierce as traditional supermarkets and convenience stores are all vying for the same consumer.

Certainly, drug stores should leverage their strength in prescriptions, but there is significant room to expand wellness into snack and portable fresh-​food offerings. Such offerings will go a long way in fostering a new sense of discovery and surprise and might foster a greater appeal for browsing in stores, thus elevating the channel's allure and appeal to a wider share of shoppers.

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