Finish the Year Strong With These End of Year Sales Tips

BY Jessica Helinski
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Do you hear what I hear? It is the sound of sales reps scurrying to finish the year strong and meet their end-​of-​year sales goals and quotas. But as we all know, December is a tough month for business. Holidays, time off, and other year-​end upheavals can throw both you and your prospects off routine. Do not let these obstacles keep you from continuing to sell. Aja Frost’s recent HubSpot article gives reps end of year sales tips for tackling December’s sales challenges. Keep in mind that these tips apply to end of month sales crunches too. Because, when it comes down to it, slacking off, especially in December, will hurt you in the long run.

End of Year Sales Tips

You have a better chance of reaching a decision-maker.

The end of the year holiday season means that employees will be popping in and out of the office throughout the month. Because of this, there is a good chance the head honcho will still be in the office holding down the fort. Not only that, they are also most likely going to be around outside of traditional office hours. So, one of Frost's end of year sales tips is to keep reaching out to your prospective company using phone calls. “Keep this in mind next time you start dialing,” Frost suggests. “You could get sent to voicemail, but there’s also the chance you’ll reach the economic buyer.”

Compete with yourself.

If you thrive on competition (and what sales rep does not?), take a look at your stats from last December. Then, you should try to beat those numbers this month. “Since you’re facing the same seasonal conditions as before, this game is more fair than holding yourself to your results last month or quarter,” Frost explains in her end of year sales tips post. Do you need some further accountability for this end of year competition? Let your fellow sales team members in on your competition with yourself from one year ago. That way, your co-​workers will continue to check in on your progress and hold you accountable to meet your sales goals. And who knows, they may even want to join in on this challenge  in order to beat their past year December sales stats.

Capitalize on “use it or lose it” budgets.

For many buyers, it is now or never when it comes to budgets. One of Frost's end of year sales tips is to simply ask prospects whether they have any funds left or not to spend on business solutions like the one you are offering. If there are some funds remaining, you should get flexible with your product or service offerings. You can consider billing your prospective customers a portion of the cost now and then billing them the remaining balance in the new year. Or, you can also unbundle costs rather than charge the prospective customer a flat fee.

Don’t let December fall flat in regards to sales. While it may bring special seasonal challenges, there are plenty of opportunities out there to end the year crushing your quota! And when you need end of month sales tips for any other time of year, keep Frost's advice in mind.