Green Marketing Attracts Environmental Cause Supporters

Blueshift Research Trends Tracker found that environmental impact is a key factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions when mixed with green marketing. "Respondents are interested in a product’s environmental impact, and stores like Whole Foods have benefitted from this. Other analysis has shown that consumers are paying more attention to ethical and environmental issues, and are willing to spend roughly 71¢ more for ethically sourced and environmentally friendly food, up 10¢ from 2 years before."

Why Green Marketing Works

When Blueshift asked, "How likely are you to buy a product that is better for the environment over another product that is slightly cheaper?" consumers responded in a variety of ways.

  • 36% of consumer respondents are very or extremely likely to buy a product that is better for the environment over a product that is slightly cheaper.
  • Respondents older than the age of 60 were the demographic most likely to buy a product that is better for the environment over a slightly cheaper product, followed by those between the ages of 30- and 44-years-old.
  • Those with household incomes below $24,999 and above $150,000 were the most likely to say that they would buy a product that is better for the environment over a slightly cheaper product.
  • 33% of respondents were moderately likely to buy an ethical product over a cheaper one.
  • 34% of those aged 18- to 29-​years-​old were very or extremely likely to buy environment-​friendly items rather than less expensive items.

With this many consumers caring about how environmentally friendly a company or its products is/​are, green marketing is a no brainer. Marketing products that are better for the earth is the best way to spread the word that your clients have the products their target customers are more willing to invest in.

Environmental Cause Supporters are part of the ethically sourced product trend. So be on the lookout for the 11% of consumers who regularly support environmental causes/​charities with their time or money. 29% of environmental cause supporters fall into the 25–34 age bracket, according to AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. 38% of this audience is divorced/​single, and 37% are urban dwellers. This group is also 92% more likely than average to visit a winery or vineyard. Additionally, they enjoy going to the movies, and 26% saw an ad at the theater and took action within 30 days because of it. Also, you can reach them with green marketing in the newspaper: 74% saw an ad there and took action within the past year.

Your clients can try green marketing in magazines as well! 27% of Environmental Cause Supporters started online searches after seeing magazine advertising. AudienceSCAN data is available as part of a subscription to AdMall for Agencies. Media companies can access AudienceSCAN data through the Audience Intelligence Reports in AdMall.

Courtney Huckabay
Courtney is the Editor for SalesFuel Today. She analyzes secondary customer research and our primary AudienceSCAN research. Courtney is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.