Food Marketers Renewing Focus on Boomers

Although many food marketers have focused on targeting Millennials as of late, new research shows that Baby Boomers are statistically more affluent and well-​positioned in the new economy, and are quietly re-​entering the spotlight.  This generation accounts for 44% of the households with incomes over $75,000, so discretionary spending is much greater than for younger consumers, as more than a third of Millennials, or 36%, live at home with parents according to Pew Research. Mid age couples enjoying meal at home


Technology has empowered Boomers to build up a personal nutritional profile and to self-​evaluate.  Boomers are likely to embrace data-​collecting devices and apps to monitor health measures and also their diet and exercise.

Boomers aren’t a one-​size-​fits-​all generation, either, and it’s important for food industry decision-​makers to filter Boomers in the context of three groups, as most food marketers have done: young Boomers (ages 49–54), middle Boomers (ages 55–61), and older Boomers (ages 61–67. Mitigating long-​term illness and managing chronic disease may be a much more significant influence for older Boomers group, for example.

Another driver for Boomer decisions related to household food and restaurant meal consumption is a movement to eat for the microbiome, micro-​managing the amount of intestinal bacteria for digestive well-​being. This and other advances in health and technology are being embraced by the Boomer generation with a high level of sophistication and benefit from the higher household wealth.

Products like probiotics, prebiotics, and fermented foods, such as Greek yogurt, will fare well as a result of these types of Boomer reflections on dietary needs and maintaining intestinal wellness.

Wellness self-​tracking, purposeful eating and other current manifestations of the “new” Boomer lifestyle are all part of the relationship between Boomers and food in today’s digital world.

[Source:  Research conducted by Packaged Facts.  18 Jan. 2014.  Web.  30 Jan. 2014.]