Four Steps to A Sale

by | < 1 minute read

If you had to separate the sales process into four steps, how would it look? Sales coach Alen Majer reveals what he believes to be the four steps of selling: 1. Opening/qualifying 2. Information gathering 3. Presentation of your proposal 4. Closing Each of these steps serves as a building block, a foundation, for the next. So if a salesperson doesn't invest time and effort into research, his or her presentation may falter, as will the closing, and likely, the sale. Majer notes that there may be a few select instances in which a step may be skipped due to the insistence of a prospect, but most likely, these four steps are each vital to a sale. Majer breaks down the steps, highlighting the "what" and "why" of each. His article can serve as a good reminder of the importance of devoting attention to each and every aspect of the sales process. By building a strong foundation, the more likely your pitch won't crumble.

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