On-​Demand Webinar: 5 Ways Managers Unknowingly Damage Company Culture

In many ways, managers are as important as the C‑level in influencing a company's culture. Yet many of today's managers have been given little management training and even less development and insight into the psyche of their employees.

In this webinar, Paul Nolan, Editor-​in-​Chief of Sales & Marketing Management, had a one-​on-​one interview with C. Lee Smith, President/​CEO of SalesFuel® and the creator of TeamKeeper®, our team leadership and development system.

Some of the topics discussed included:

  • The benefits of improving your company culture and why is it critical with a millennial workforce
  • The importance of empathy, feedback and an employee-​centric approach to management
  • How can managers quickly coach and develop their team members when they're aren't enough hours in the day
  • How culture can be measured and how can you manage to it
  • The impact of culture and retention on your bottom line








Beth Frederick
Beth is the Vice President of Marketing at SalesFuel. She has over 20 years of experience client-​side, agency-​side and for one of the largest media companies in North America.