Gardening Blitz Increases Demand For Food Preservation Supplies

Whether it's the general economic conditions, the desire for a healthful diet, or concerns about food safety, more consumers are getting in touch with their green thumbs. Across the country, the huge increase in vegetable gardens has spawned news reports of higher demand for seeds, seedlings and fencing. With a little luck and good weather, families will begin enjoying fresh tomatoes and beans in July and August. But gardens often generate a bumper crop of produce that cannot be consumed quickly

This situation gave rise long ago to the industry that produces canning and freezing supplies. For decades, companies like Ball have struggled to maintain sales as consumers seemed to prefer dining out or purchasing prepared foods. But this year, a Nielsen release noted that the demand for canning & freezing supplies has increased 14%. Ball has begun a new marketing campaign to tout its expanded product line, ranging from smaller glass preserving jars to plastic freezer jars.

While the trend lasts, consumers might find themselves purchasing pressure cookers or small freezers to store their produce. In addition, many new gardeners may lack knowledge about the best way to preserve their fresh vegetables. Remind manufacturers that an educational campaign could dramatically increase product sales.

[Source: Hale. Todd. Great Marketing in Bad Times, Nielsen, Facts, Figures & The Future, May 2009] 
Kathy Crosett
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