Google Rolling Out SMB-​Friendly Mobile Enhancements

Media companies have been looking for a way to increase the rates on digital and mobile formats. Last month, I blogged about how some publishers are limiting the number of display ads on a page in order to concentrate a reader’s focus on messages from specific advertisers who tabletuserare willing to pay more for  this format. Now Google appears set to improve rates on mobile spaces with its new Enhanced Campaigns upgrade.

Google’s competitive position has been weakened as its flagship product, search, experiences slower growth rates. The company is also feeling pressure in general from the likes of Amazon and Facebook. The tech giant has been hard at work tweaking its offerings to ensure more revenue for itself and its partners. At least one Credit Suisse analyst, Stephen Ju, is giving the company’s latest move a thumbs up.

The company’s Enhanced Campaigns strategy is all about removing the cumbersome process marketers encounter as they roll out digital promotions in many formats – PC, tablet, and smartphone. Larger marketers have gradually adapted to the process required to get a campaign onto mobile devices, but for small and medium sized businesses, the complexity has proved a stumbling block. Using Enhanced Campaigns, marketers will be able to adjust parameters, including bids, for a single campaign, and take device type, time of day, and location into account. There are some drawback to the system, at least with the initial roll-​out which is scheduled for June. For example, marketers cannot have a mobile-​only campaign. And Google will treat tablets the same as PCs for campaign purposes because their research indicates that “ads on tablets perform comparably to ads on desktops and laptops.” As a result, the traditional 20%-40% discount marketers had been paying for tablet ads will disappear.

Experts believe this move will improve Google’s position with SMBs that are anxious to move into the mobile space. Do you agree that more SMBs will want to try the new Enhanced Campaigns format?

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Kathy Crosett
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