Great Sales Reps Have These Two Traits You May Not Realize

BY Jessica Helinski
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When you think of great sales reps, you likely immediately think of a few common traits they share. Ambition and confidence probably come to mind, as well as curious and competitive. But there are other “under-​the-​radar” traits that top sellers possess.

Great Reps Share a Few “Under-​the-​Radar” Characteristics

HubSpot’s Jay Fuchs reports that top sellers do so much more than just being a good listener and having drive. And knowing these traits can give you an edge if you work to hone them. 

We connected with some industry leaders for their thoughts on some unconventional, ‘under-​the-​radar’ traits,” he writes. 

One of the first traits he discusses is responsiveness. This characteristic is highly valued among prospects and clients. Unfortunately, it’s one that sellers don’t strive to perfect. 

Prioritizing responses to prospects and clients is a sign of both care and respect. Your actions make it clear you value what they have to say. It also ensures that in a fast-​paced world, you don’t give them the time to move on to someone else.

Founder and CEO of Aryo Consulting Group, Justin Abrams, agrees that sellers can stand out by responding quickly to outreaches. 

Top-​selling sales reps are incredibly responsive — answering messages in under 15 minutes or so,” he explains.

And SalesFuel’s own research provides evidence of the impact it can have. The Voice of the B2B Buyer study found that nearly 55% of buyers say “responsiveness” is a top seller trait.

One way to ensure responsiveness is to try to answer every call or email if feasible. Scott Stiver, Carew International, said this small change can make a difference. 

You’re pausing to connect with the other person. Even if you can’t talk, this shows being there for them is a priority. If time is tight, be honest and say so, but quickly schedule a future time to connect. 

And if there’s a time you are going to be unreachable, be proactive. Send an email letting them know you’ll be away. If possible, share a team member or manager’s contact information for urgent matters. 

Embracing “No”

Salespeople spend their careers going after “yeses.” But, the most successful sellers understand that hearing a “no” is part of the sales experience. While they may not love hearing it, they understand that the word actually presents opportunities rather than just closing doors.

Celeste Routh, The Elegance Edit, explains, the most skilled reps uncover the root cause of the objection. They use questions and engage in dialogue to understand the “why” behind the “no.”

[Then,] they can tailor their approach and find a solution that resolves the prospect's concerns.”

This can be tough for anyone, especially sellers who have been conditioned to pursue a “yes.” But with some mindset adjustment, reps can learn to embrace “no” and use it to drive ahead. 

Take a listen to this episode of the Manage Smarter podcast. Author and sales expert Andrea Waltz discusses this very specific word and how to change your relationship with it. 

She believes this relationship is the “most important factor in…the level of success you will achieve in your life.”

And for more ways to shift how you react to hearing “no,” read these helpful tips shared by SalesFuel. 

Gain a Competitive Edge by Going Beyond the Basics

Great sales reps earn their success by working on traits that don’t get as much attention in the industry. While nurturing characteristics like reliability and drive are important, look beyond those. 

Consider working on these two under-​the-​radar skills to connect even more with prospects and clients. And use these tips to think even further outside the box when it comes to your skills. You’ll find that focusing on building these traits helps you stand out and take your sales to the next level.

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