Green Lessons

Golf, aside from being a popular sport, can also be a valuable teacher. Many lessons can be taken from the game: Sportsmanship, honesty, and yes, even business-development skills. Mike Schultz, president of Wellesley Hills Group, writes about the similarities between sales development and the game of golf in his article “Business Development Lessons from the Golf Course.” In this article, Schultz recounts the time he helped a frustrated associate by reminiscing about a particular experience he had as a caddy during his teenage years. He compared the associate, who wasn’t getting the knack of generating business, to two golfers he met during his time as a caddy. One golfer was a former club champ who used to end each game angry about each shot he missed, despite success at the other holes. The other golfer was not very good, but happy with a great shot or two at the end of the round.  Schultz writes that he told the story of the two golfers because the associate was 1.  Beating herself up for everything she tried that didn't seem to work. 2. Playing one hole at a time. Schultz says about his associate: “…her ability to succeed in business development is about as good as [the second golfer's] ability to succeed on the course. She's new at it. She's going to have a lot of misses…business development is fraught with dead ends and lost deals. It's just how it goes, and she needed to stop taking it so personally.” For his advice, click here for the entire article.

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