Grocers Prepare to Roll Out Name-​Brand Meal Solutions

One way to tell that the recession is truly over is to consider restaurant traffic, from the perspective of grocery stores.  Grocers and other food service operators have noticed that fewer consumers are stopping by the deli and prepared food counters these days. This trend has grocers preparing to amp up their retailer meal solutions (RMS) and groceryshopperthe related promotions.

Technomic has picked up on the falling demand for prepared foods at establishments like traditional grocery stores and warehouse clubs. The research firm reports that the percentage of consumers who use the RMS options for dinner on a weekly basis has fallen from 42% to 38% in the past 2 years. However, that still leaves plenty of consumers who want to drop by the local store and pick up dinner on their way home.

Grocery stores can increase interest by promoting what shoppers are looking for. These days, that means signature fried foods, quality pizza, and a wide variety of prepared vegetables. International cuisine is another way to boost revenue. Consumers are getting pickier about what they buy. They expect to find fresh, high-​quality foods that are appropriately priced and it's these offerings that will woo them away from restaurant competitors.

While shoppers have increased their buying of store-​brand foods since the recession started, they want to see name-​brand prepared foods in the RMS category.  Offering the name-​brand option, along with customized meal solutions is a great way for grocers to sell more of their high-​margin products.

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Kathy Crosett
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