Grooms Taking More Active Role in Wedding Planning

June is the height of wedding season and brides coast to coast are sure to be obsessing about every detail, from the centerpieces to the guest list. However, recent Mintel research found that men are becoming just as flustered as women, with 32% of men* saying that planning a wedding is overwhelming, compared to 42% of women reporting as much. Wedding

Fiona O’Donnell, lifestyle and leisure analyst at Mintel says:

As grooms take on a more active role in wedding planning, it’s understandable that their stress level surrounding these decisions will escalate. They aren’t exactly ‘groom-​zillas,’ but they are feeling the pressure. The implication for industry players is to acknowledge the groom’s role in wedding planning and help him feel more at ease and less overwhelmed by the whole process. There are numerous planning tools marketed to brides, but opportunities exist to engage men.”

It also seems that men might be taking a more active role in planning, as 39% of men reported that they were solely/​mostly responsible for picking the ceremony site and a surprising 19% said they were solely or mostly responsible for choosing the bride’s wedding dress. Meanwhile, a quarter (25%) were solely/​mostly responsible for picking the bridal party gifts.

Women are still the primary wedding planners, but the bottom line is that the groom is a key consumer for industry players to consider when developing marketing strategies—particularly in regard to groom and wedding party attire, food or catering, music, ceremony site, and reception venue. The groom is still somewhat an untapped target in the wedding market. Forward-​thinking innovators will recognize the increasing influence the groom has in the wedding planning process and seek to connect with him in unique ways,” concludes Fiona O’Donnell.

When it comes to the big day, what do couples think is the most important aspect? Forty-​six percent of men, compared to 36% of women said the ceremony site was the most important, followed by the wedding dress (12% of men vs. 30% of women) and the reception venue (15% of men vs. 13% of women).

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[Source:  Research conducted by Mintel.  12 Jun. 2013.  Web. 12 Jun. 2013.]