More Than Half of Time Spent on Internet is Via Mobile

According to a new study, two in three online adults are cross-​screen consumers, accessing the Internet across both a PC and mobile device (smartphone and/​or tablet). More than half of all time spent on the Internet is now through a mobile device — 12% on tablets and 39% on smartphones. Cross-screen

Total U.S. adult Internet usage has nearly doubled in the past three years from 451 billion minutes in February 2010 to 890 billion minutes in February 2013. Mobile browsing and app usage has not, however, taken away from time online on PCs, which has increased 20% since 2010, according to a new study from Jumptap and comScore.


The custom study analyzes cross-​screen behaviors and content consumption among four key demographic groups: 18–24 year olds, men aged 25–49, women aged 25–49, and people over the age of 50. The research finds that women aged 25–49 are the most likely to access the Internet on a mobile platform, (14% access through mobile devices only and 69% access through both mobile and PC).

Furthermore, women 25–49, as well as 18–24 year olds, are the segments that spend the largest share of their Internet time on mobile devices (61% for women 25–49 across both tablet and mobile, and 59% for 18–24 year olds). The study shows that mobile advertising is now critical to reach these key demographic segments, as PC-​only campaigns will miss mobile-​only users. In contrast, half (51%) of people 50 or older are cross-​platform consumers, and 41% of their Internet time is spent on mobile devices.

Our Screen Jumping study reveals patterns about how different demographic groups approach device usage,” said Frank Weishaupt, Chief Operating Officer at Jumptap. “As advertisers approach the digital consumer, it’s more important than ever to take into consideration device fragmentation patterns. Our investment in this research is to better equip the advertiser to understand not only ‘who’ to target, but ‘where’ and ‘why’.”


The study also reveals that cross-​screen behavior varies dramatically by the type of content consumed. Seventy-​seven percent of online time spent with Streaming Music content is done on so on a smartphone. Other top smartphone content types include Weather (55%) and Games (48%). In contrast, 68% of time spent with Business and Finance content is still on a PC. Other top PC content types include Sports (62%) and Food (56%).

There is also large variation in cross-​screen usage by content area by day-​parts. Visits to Weather content, in particular, vary significantly by device and time of day. Visits on tablets peak in the early morning (5am-​7am) and during prime time (8pm-​12am), while visits on PCs remain high during morning and daytime hours, but drop significantly in the early evening (5pm-​8pm). Visits to gaming content, on the other hand, gradually increase across all devices from early morning to early evening, then drop off during prime time.

Advertisers recognize that we now live in a multi-​platform world, and understanding how different consumer segments engage with content across platforms throughout the day can help them optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns,” said Antoinette Marty, Senior Director, Marketing Solutions at comScore. “With usage shifting so quickly to mobile, the need to understand multi-​platform audience dynamics will only accelerate.”

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