Have You Talked With Your Clients About Attention-​Based Metrics?

BY Kathy Crosett
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Attention-​based metrics are gaining ground as a way to measure digital ad effectiveness. We’ve known for a while that marketers must change how they measure the reach and effectiveness of their digital ad campaigns. After all, consumers are not fond of the cookie-​tracking technology, which is increasingly being phased out. And tracking metrics like clicks doesn’t give marketers enough information. 

Mobile Measurement Problems

In a YieldMo study conducted by Forrester Consulting, 164 brands learned about customer attention-​based metrics and the challenges of measuring ad performance in the mobile environment. As businesses continue to shift big money into mobile, they’re looking for better ways to measure their results. Forrester analysts report that mobile has long been treated as a direct response channel. But marketers are now spending almost as much money on mobile branding campaigns as they are on direct response.

Only about 20% of marketers can measure the results of their direct response and branding campaigns separately. The following percentages of marketers are confidently measuring these specific details:

  • Viewability percent 27%
  • Brand lift 27%
  • Time in-​view 26%
  • Video completion rate 24%

With so many shortcomings encountered in measurement, 33% of marketers worry that they’re wasting their mobile ad funds. About 41% can’t target based on performance and 38% are not able to show the value of mobile as a branding format.

Attention-​Based Metrics Solutions

With more insight, marketers say that they would retarget customers (65%) and test creative (58%) to make the biggest impact. About 67% of marketers included in the study said they want to further investigate attention-​based metrics as another way to improve the outcomes of their ad spend.

If you’re selling attention metrics as part of your solution, talk with your clients about the YieldMo study. Share the results with them and discuss how attention metrics can change their outcomes. And check out the AudienceSCAN profiles of consumers who are influenced by mobile and digital advertising. The information is available at AdMall by SalesFuel.