Health-​Conscious Women Comprise 16% of U.S. Adult Population

Health-​Conscious Women make up 16% of the U.S. adult population and 32% of the female adult population, according to new research.  Scarborough Research defines "Health-​Conscious Women," as American adult women who agree that they go to the doctor regularly for checkups, generally feel they eat right and follow a regular exercise routine. 

The healthcare statistics on Health-​Conscious Women show that they have strong opinions on healthcare. They are 36% more likely than all U.S. adults to agree strongly that they take medicine as soon as they don’t feel well and 60% more likely to strongly agree that they prefer popular brand-​name drugs even if they cost more. Thirty-​four percent agree that they are often the first to try the most advanced medicines while 44% agree that they prefer alternative medicine to traditional medicine. Eighty-​nine percent of Health-​Conscious Women agree that vitamin supplements improve one’s health.

Where do these Health-​Conscious Women reside? The top local markets are: Providence, RI (20% of adult residents are Health-​Conscious Women); Rochester, NY (20%) and Hartford, CT (20%).

Health-​Conscious Women are 57% more likely than all U.S. adults to be part of the Silent Generation. Thirteen percent of Health-​Conscious Women belong to Generation Y, 21% belong to Generation X and 38% are Baby Boomers. Health-​Conscious Women may exist within every generation, but nearly one-​quarter (21%) are age 70 or older. Additionally, 13% identify as Black and 14% as Hispanic.

Health-​Conscious Women are 42% more likely than all U.S. adults to receive Medicare benefits, due to both their age and being 11% more likely to have an annual household income of less than $35K. Thirty percent of Health-​Conscious Women have PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) coverage and 15% have HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) coverage.

With regard to specific insurance providers, 35% of Health-​Conscious Women have Blue Cross/​Blue Shield, 12% have United Healthcare and seven percent have Aetna. They are also 26% more likely to have purchased prescription drugs by mail order in the past 30 days.

To reach Health-​Conscious Women, on an average weekday, forty-​one percent of Health-​Conscious Women read the print or e‑edition of their local daily newspaper and they are 23% more likely than all adults to read the food and cooking section. Twenty-​eight percent of Health-​Conscious Women watched the Lifetime network on television in the past 7 days and 26% watched the Food Network in the same time frame. The top radio formats for Health-​Conscious Women are Adult Contemporary (26%), Country (22%) and Pop Contemporary Hit (21%).

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