Healthy Foods Inspire Skincare Trends

Organic Spa Magazine released the "Top 10 Health, Wellness and Green Living Trends" that are taking center stage in 2015 and beyond. Age-​defying hair treatments, IV therapy and new sources for protein are gaining popularity. Consumers have become more sophisticated when it comes to wellness and brands are responding by introducing new, innovative ways to live a more balanced lifestyle.

"Since Organic Spa Magazine's launch eight years ago, we've seen the natural and organic space shift from the fringes to the mainstream," said Bev Maloney-​Fischback, Founder of Organic Spa Magazine.

"It is a great time to be green," says Rona Berg, Editor-​in-​Chief, Organic Spa Magazine. "Organic food sales are growing by 10% annually. The Natural Products Industry is poised to grow 51% to $226 billion by 2018. Organic and natural beauty products have become sophisticated and effective, and they are so much healthier, the question is, 'Why wouldn't you use them?'"

The Top 10åÊHealth, Wellness And Green Living Trends according to Organic Spa Magazine's editorial team are:

Skincare Ingredients Inspired by Healthy Foods

Kale, kombucha, chia, and probiotics have been some of the best-​sellers at health food retailers. These same ingredients are permeating skincare aisles across the country with brands including Eminence Organic Skin Care, Lather, and One Love Organics featuring these ingredients in their beauty products.

Natural, Age-​Defying Treatments for Hair

When it comes to skincare, the marketplace is full of products and services that are formulated to reverse the signs of aging; however, these treatments are beginning to spill over to haircare with new products from the likes of Modern Alchemy and Pura D'Or promoting more youthful looking tresses.

Plant-​Infused Sheet Masks

At-​home pampering is getting a much needed boost with revamped facemasks that are infused with moisturizing oils, hyaluronic acid and coconut juice. Whether looking to rehydrate after a cross country flight or rebound after a day at the beach, companies like When Mask Packs are giving consumers great options when it comes to easy, effective, high-​quality facial care.

Looking Beyond Shea Butter

Move over shea butter, other hot, natural treatment oils for skin and hair from Africa are becoming precious commodities in the wellness space. Baobab, marula, moringa, Kalahari melon, and kigela are some of Africa's best kept secrets that can be found in a number of new products from Aura Cacia and Shea Terra Organics.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Celebrities have been enjoying IV therapy with vitamin, oxygen and ozone infusions that are widely popular in Europe. Now, companies like Reviv and Drip Room are making it easier for consumers in the United States to get an infusion of energy, along with nutrients to feed their hair and skin.

Hemp & Cannabis Skincare Treatments and Remedies

With the legalization of marijuana, use of hemp and cannabis is making its way into pain-​relieving topicals and beauty treatments. With skincare brands like Hemp Meds and Dr. Bonner's, as well as spas such as Denver, Colorado's Primal Wellness Day Spa & Studio, it is becoming more commonplace to see hemp in new products and treatments.

Men & Mindfulness

An increasing number of men are tapping into meditation to sharpen their brain function, mental acuity, decision-​making, while also giving themselves an outlet to decompress. Today we hear about high-​tech leaders like Twitter Co-​founder Evan Williams, business magnate Rupert Murdoch, TV journalist George Stephanopoulos and Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford practicing meditation.

Alternative Sources of Protein

Protein's popularity show no sign of slowing down but as people are reducing their meat intake, there's an opening in the marketplace for foods that are high in the essential nutrient and good for the environment. Brands like Vitacost and Growing Naturals have introduced pea powder, rice protein, and cricket flour to consumers, bringing forth new, unconventional sources of protein.

Wearable Wellness

Digital drivers are making consumers "one" with technology as people pursue enhanced health and fitness workouts. Established consumer technology brands such as Apple, Google, and Samsung, as well as newer companies, including FitBit, are stimulating this trend.

The Anti-​Paleo Diet

From whole grains to ancient grains and from soy milk to camel's milk, the backlash to the "primal" eating trend is here because people are smartening up to the fact that nutrition isn't one-​size-​fits-​all. Shoppers are learning to deconstruct the nutrition label and making choices that fit with their unique lifestyles and goals.

The trend for overall wellness applies to mind, body and soul, and consumers are trying to reach holistic goals even with the products they put on their faces and skin. Convince your cosmetics retailers to focus their marketing efforts on the healthy options they sell and/​or the wellness products they offer to stay on top of this trend. Keep in mind that AudienceSCAN finds cosmetics shoppers are staying fit by walking long distances for health (52%), doing Aerobics/​Pilates/​Yoga (37%) and camping/​hiking (28%). They respond well to daily deals (30% took action) and social network postings (45% took action).

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Courtney Huckabay
Courtney is the Editor for SalesFuel Today. She analyzes secondary customer research and our primary AudienceSCAN research. Courtney is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.