Here's What Your Clients' PPC Campaigns Need Now

BY Kathy Crosett
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How are your clients’ PPC campaigns faring against their competitors? Stores are reopening and life is gradually settling into a new COVID-​19-​wary normal. Consumers, thankfully, are searching online and buying again, either digitally or traditionally. This new normal means your clients must pay attention to what’s happening in the PPC world. At WordStream, analysts have put together some helpful data that reveals PPC activity by industry vertical.

Paid Search During the Pandemic

Because most people couldn’t get into their local salons or barbershops during the lockdown, they turned to the web to find beauty and personal care products. Between March 9 and May 11, the CTR on ads in that category jumped from below 8% to 9.45% on Google. However, the average conversion rate went from roughly 9% to about 7.6% during that same period. This drop suggests that there was plenty of competition in the market and that consumers weren’t always finding what they wanted. All that activity in the beauty and personal care online segment drove the cost per action up to about $18.12.

Search volume and CTRs also jumped in some unexpected categories. For example, the arts and entertainment category saw CTRs drop to 5% in April. By May 11, the CTR for that category had climbed to 5.99%. As more venues reopen, consumers who are eager to be entertained will be searching for something to do. The conversion rate for this vertical averages around 3.23%. Marketers that generate great content can attract more CTRs and conversions as the summer progresses.

The growing uncertainty over the economic outlook, especially on the employment front, has hit some nonprofit organizations hard. Conversion rates plunged from over 22% to 9.3% between March and May. The industry experienced only a slight drop in clicks, so the big drop in conversions caused average cost per action to nearly double. That's an expensive problem for these operators and requires quick action.

PPC Campaigns Going Forward

Analysts point out that PPC campaigns can be quickly adjusted to respond to changing market conditions. As businesses reopen in various stages, they need to release up-​to-​date messaging. During the worst of the shutdown, it appears that most marketers were doing a good job with pivoting their PPC campaigns. On the other hand, it takes several weeks for a shift in SEO campaigns to make a difference as the search giants gradually index new information and incorporate it into the algorithms that generate listings on the SERP.

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