Hispanic Consumers Have Key Differences, Similarities

According to an analysis of the BIGresearch Simultaneous Media Usage Survey, the message is loud and clear to marketers serving the U.S. Hispanic community: "one-​size-​fits-​all marketing won't work." The study finds that there are key similarities and differences every marketer should know about Hispanic groups in America including those households that speak English a majority of the time and those who don't, as well as Hispanics who were born in the U.S. and those who were not. 

For example, shopping and media preferences of English dominant Hispanics (speak English more than 50% of the time) and those born in the U.S. are mostly similar. Likewise the preferences of Spanish dominant Hispanics (speak English 50% or less of the time) and those not born in the U.S. are very similar.

When it comes to new media, English dominant and U.S.-born Hispanics are more likely to text on their cell phones and use TiVo/​DVR while Spanish dominant Hispanics and those not born in the U.S. are more likely to blog and use instant messaging.

Likely to read traditional media:

  • English dominant (94%) and U.S Born (93.5%) Hispanics are slightly more likely to watch TV in an average week than Spanish dominant (92%) and Non‑U.S. born (90.8%) Hispanic
  • The latter groups are more likely to read the newspaper… Spanish dominant (64.4%) and Non‑U.S. born (62.7%) v. English dominant (55.7%) and U.S Born (54.5%)

Mariana Toledo, Marketing and Research Director, Televisa Publishing + Digital, said "… this data show us the power of Hispanics as consumers… (and) how crucial it is for marketers to understand the importance of segmenting Hispanics… to effectively reach all the niche markets… "

One thing all these segments have in common is that they are planning to buy. Whether it's a car, electronics or vacation travel, Hispanics outpace the general market when it comes to purchase intentions.

[Source:  Simultaneous Media Usage Survey.  BIGresearch. 14 May 2010.  Web.  9 Jun. 2010.]