Holiday Travelers with Pets Pick Lodging, Destination with Pets in Mind

PetRelocation​.com recently released the results of its first annual Holiday Pet Travel Survey of more than 7000 pet owners worldwide.  According to the new survey, sixty-​three percent of pet owners say they travel at least 50 mi. with their pets during the holidays. 

Staying Stateside

Of pet owners who travel with pets, a majority of them (71%) choose to travel within their state of residence during the holidays.  Twenty-​eight percent travel out of the state, and eighty-​five percent of those who travel with pets for the holidays said that their pets influence the distance of how far they'll travel for a holiday vacation.

Short and Sweet

Pet owners keep their holiday travel short and sweet.  Most pet owners surveyed (45%) typically spend between $50-$100 on pet-​related products and services during the holiday season.  Eighty-​five percent of those who travel with pets take holiday trips which last seven days or less, with the remainder of pet owners indicating their trips can last up to two weeks.  A majority of pet owners (57%) said their pets do not influence the length of their holiday travel.

Friends and Family

While a third of respondents said they stay at pet-​friendly hotels during their holiday travel, 66% said they stay at the home of friends or family during the holidays.  This may have something to do with the availability of pet-​friendly lodging during the holiday season—a majority of pet owners (85%) said that their pets influence where they choose to stay during the holidays.

Pets are Family, Too

Of those who travel with pets during the holidays, nearly all of them indicated they only travel with dogs.  When asked why they choose to travel with their pets, a majority of pet owners (71%) said it was "because pets are part of the family and should be with the rest of the family during holiday occasions."

Holiday Challenges

When traveling with pets during the holidays, 42% of pet owners listed making sure their pets don't become stressed as their biggest challenge. Finding pet-​friendly transportation or airlines was the second biggest challenge according to 28% of travelers with pets during the holiday season.

[Source:  2010 Holiday Pet Travel Survey.  PetRelocation​.com.  9 Nov. 2010.  Web.  12 Nov. 2010.]