Homeowners Hiring Pros and Spending More on Outdoor Spaces

Despite lingering economic pressure, young adults are seeing the value in hiring professionals for hardscapes (outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, water features, and walkways) and specialty services in 2013. According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive on behalf of Planet, 9% of consumers 18–34 hire pros, compared to only 3% of those 35 and over. Planet is the national trade association of landscape industry professionals. Patio

To make the most of their current surroundings, 60% of homeowners plan to make a home improvement or addition this summer, according to a new Zillow survey.  And outdoor spaces (40%) are one of the most popular summer home improvement projects.

Homeowners plan to spend a median of $1,200 on summer home improvement projects. Sub-​groups of homes with children as well as homeowners 54 years of age and younger plan to spend one-​third more ($1,500) compared to homes without children and those 55 and older ($1,000).


Men were more likely than women to hire professional landscape help, 39% versus 32%. Overall consumer spending on landscaping services is projected to remain steady, with landscape maintenance expecting a modest bump of $100.

Spending is expected to increase among consumers who hire a professional for hardscapes and specialty services to $2,300, compared to $1,680 in the past year.

In general, 35% of those with a lawn/​landscape have hired professionals to do lawn and landscape services over the past year, with those in the South (38%) and West (40%) being more likely to have hired a professional than those in the Midwest (29%.)


The most often cited reasons for hiring a professional for lawn/​landscape services are as follows: "They don't have the knowledge, skills or physical ability" (42%), and "they don't have the right equipment" (42%) to do the landscape work themselves.

Interestingly, younger adults (18 to 34) were more likely than their older counterparts to say "don't have the patience" as a reason to hire a professional.

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