Hospitals Using Content Campaigns to Reach Larger Markets

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More hospitals in the U.S. are merging and forming partnerships in order to achieve economies of scale.  As they do so, these institutions must also reach out to a larger patient base – in some cases this means a regional or national market. While most consumers are aware of the strengths of their hospitallocal hospitals, they’ll soon be hearing messages from facilities offering specialized care on a national basis.

Last year, nearly 1,450 hospital mergers took place and for the most part, they were approved by the FTC. The change in ownership often results in a changed marketing strategy. Many of these newly formed hospital units are using digital media to attract a larger audience. In a recent Medical Marketing & Media online article, Deborah Weinstein describes the steps the Cleveland Clinic is taking to market itself beyond its local region, a move which puts it in competition with the likes of the Mayo Clinic.

The hospital spent 20% of its media budget online, emphasizing paid search and email. Once patients arrive at the hospital's website, they can  explore specialized content including videos that administrators classify as both owned and earned media. The hospital notes that up to 30% of website traffic is coming from mobile devices so they are building up their mobile efforts as well.

The hospital’s new digital focus resulted in 75,000 leads which turned into 6,500 patients with a measured ROI exceeding 1500%. With more hospitals now capable of delivering highly specialized services and looking to connect with a larger market, it seems likely that they will be employing digital campaigns with a broad reach.

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Kathy Crosett
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