How Consumers Are Shopping Now

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The coronavirus has significantly impacted how and what consumers are buying. Businesses that get how consumers are shopping now can respond quickly to changing tastes and benefit from higher revenue and increased brand awareness. A couple of recent surveys have shed some light on the consumer mindset during the pandemic.

Consumers Favor Digital Offerings

As consumers continue to be stuck inside for large portions of the day, they’re embracing their online connections. It’s in these places that brands may be able to tap into revenue streams. New research from Suzy, the 4A’s Research arm, found that consumers will spend more on the following items in the next month:

  • Streaming fitness classes or equipment: Women — 16%, Men — 21%
  • Streaming entertainment: Women — 35% Men — 52%
  • Electronics: Women — 13% Men — 29%

Some consumers have plenty of free time these days. Those who aren’t worried about finances, or who feel good about the future, are ‘window shopping.' In these cases, the window is the screen on their digital device. Around 12.5% of consumers are checking out products that they plan to buy when they can visit a store. Some of these shoppers won’t wait for stores to reopen. Retailers that offer an incentive now can convince 24% of shoppers to purchase a big-ticket item.

How Consumers Are Shopping

According to a Path to Purchase Institute study, a significant number of consumers are being methodical about shopping during the outbreak. In this survey of over 1,000 consumers, 44% are buying household essentials. As they do, 31% make shopping lists. Your clients can increase the chances of making a sale by offering coupons which 24% of consumers want.

Consumers might have been willing to let their inventory run down before they heard about the coronavirus. Now, 29% of consumers are making more stock-up trips to the grocery store. They don’t want to risk running out of critical items. In addition, a significant number of consumers are also resisting going to the physical store. At least 21% now use online shopping to reduce their chances of getting sick.

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