How to Convince Clients to Invest Their Digital Audio Advertising Opportunity

BY Rachel Cagle
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Why are brands so convinced that visual ads are the best? Sure, when you think of traditional radio, you may be inclined to agree (even though it’s far from dead). But digital audio advertising has expanding much further than that. Podcasts, music streaming services and digital radio have all come so far, and ingrained themselves into consumers’ daily routines. Here’s how you can help your client not miss out on these underutilized digital advertising opportunities.

How to Convince Clients to Invest Their Digital Audio Advertising Opportunity

Getting Rid of the Old Impressions of Audio

Audio ads are no longer ones you record and then throw onto channels hoping some commuter hears and relates to them. Digital audio advertising presents huge opportunities for brands.

First of all, it’s underutilized. Brands think that visual ads are more engaging to consumers, so they opt for those ad types. However, according to an article by Street Fight, “In an increasingly digital world, where visual content dominates the advertising landscape, audio provides a distinct and often overlooked avenue to reach and influence audiences.”

Additionally, technological advances have, “opened the door to more precise targeting and opportunities for personalized engagement,” says Street Fight. Plus, if all your client uses are visual ads, they’ll all run together and appeal primarily to the same people. In fact, personalizing digital audio advertising uses less data than other digital media, says an article by The Drum. The more personalized an ad is, the better the ad recall. “With content ranging from low-​calorie material – like podcasts and audiobooks – to high-​brow business and educational content, more creative audio content creation is on the horizon to raise audio advertisements’ efficacy,” says The Drum.

Podcast Ads

Podcast ads are among the most popular and well-​known digital audio advertising formats out there. They’re already getting fantastic results for the brands that utilize them, and, according to The Drum, they haven’t even reached their full potential yet. As automation, measurement, attribution, and brand safety capabilities continue to enhance in the realm of podcast ads, podcast ads can continue to become better personalized, and therefore, more effective.

Getting Ahead of the Competition

Creating a true mix of ad types will help your client’s message reach more consumers. Omnichannel campaigns aren’t truly omnichannel without mixing up how the ads are delivered. And with so many brands turning a blind eye to digital audio advertising, your client’s ads will stand out even more.

However, if your client wants to take advantage of digital audio advertising before their competition, they’d better hurry. According to research from GroupM, highlighted in a recent Podcast News Daily article, digital audio ad spending is expected to grow by 10.9% this year.

What Types of Digital Audio Advertising Should Your Client Use?

With the different types of digital audio ads to choose from, what’s the best bet for your client? It all depends on their target audience. That’s all the information you need from your client, the rest you can look up on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. Simply search the AudienceSCAN database for the target audience and you’ll be able to look up invaluable information to utilize in your client’s next campaign, such as:

  • What percentage took action after hearing digital radio ads within the last year
  • What percentage took action after hearing an ad during an audio podcast within the last year
  • How many hours they typically spend listening to the radio
  • What kinds of talk shows (via both podcast and radio) they enjoy listening to
  • What types of music they prefer listening to
  • Where they listen to their music (for example, digital radio, music streaming services, local radio, etc.)
  • And so much more

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