How to Increase Email Open and Click Rates

BY Rachel Cagle
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While email is still a medium that everyone uses and advertisers rely on, its effective usage methods tend to change. That’s why it’s important to stay updated on the latest trends and studies concerning email marketing. Enter Omnisend’s Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics for 2018. After studying information from more than 128,000 automated emails and email campaigns, this is what researchers found.

Let’s start at the beginning: the signup. Your client’s potential email subscribers need to be targeted with the right kind of signup process to make it quick, easy, and appealing to them. Omnisend found that the most effective signup form is the landing page, with an average signup rate of 23 percent. On that landing page, your clients should ask for the viewer’s email and phone number. That data combination has a 10.15% signup rate compared to email and name (7.41%), email and gender (5.93%) and email and birth date (5.73%). Also, besides the email address, the max number of other information fields your client should ask for is three. Any more or less and the average signup percentage drops.

Now that they’ve signed up, how should your clients be using email to target subscribers? According to Omnisend’s data, a series of three emails is the number of outreach attempts your client should aim for. A three email welcome series results in 90% more orders. Three customer reactivation emails result in 75% more orders. Also, 63% more orders result from sending three cart recovery emails.

Now comes the really tricky part: sending emails at the prime opening/​click-​through time. The first, fourth, eleventh and nineteenth days of each month score highest when the factors of clicks and open rates are considered together. The times of day with the best combined average click and open rates are 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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