How to Increase Your Sales Volume This Year

BY Rachel Cagle
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How difficult has it been for you to meet your sales quotas this past year? If your answer is disheartening, you’re not alone. Salespeople all over the country have been struggling to move sales volume even close to what they were used to before last March. However, having the right sales tactics can help you increase your sales volume this year. Here are a few tactics offered by Lestraundra Alfred, writing for HubSpot:

  1. Spotlight Customer Benefits
  2. Know the Prospect’s Pain Points
  3. Identify Roadblocks

How to Increase Your Sales Volume

Spotlight Customer Benefits

Your product or service could be at the top of its class and for an excellent price. But if your prospect doesn’t know how it can help them specifically, they won’t care how impressive your product is. If you want to increase your sales volume, you have got to keep your sales pitch focused on how your product benefits this specific prospect.

When you’re going over your product’s features and what differentiates it from the competition, tie in examples of how each one is important for the success of the prospect’s company. “Ultimately, customers want to make purchases that will save them time, or improve their quality of life in some way,” says Alfred, so keep that in mind. If you can’t think of a reason the prospect would benefit from a certain feature, you don’t have to highlight it in your pitch.. Just add it to a list of overall benefits you can showcase on a presentation slide so that it’s included, but won’t draw the focus away from the features that will be the most important to the prospect.

Know the Prospect’s Pain Points

If your prospect doesn’t have a need that your product can fulfill, they don’t have a reason for buying from you. And if you don’t know what that need is, you won’t know what to build your sales pitch around. You won’t be able to increase your sales volume if you can’t focus on how you can benefit the prospect’s company operations.

Identify Roadblocks

With the economic climate the way it is right now, there are more reasons than ever for prospects to brush off a sale. A few of the most common sales objections you’ll encounter are having to leave the prospect voicemails, prospects asking you to email them information so they don’t have to talk to you, and prospects straight up saying that they don’t have the budget for your product or service. You can learn how to overcome these objections by reading this SalesFuel blog post.

Other roadblocks you need to prepare for in order to increase your sales volume are ones you cause yourself. Your sales pitch may need to be reworked in order to be more successful. Think back through your last few sales presentations. What were the commonalities between the successful sales? Did you notice something in particular that seemed to turn off your prospects during the unsuccessful attempts? When you review your sales pitches, you can learn how best to approach certain types of customers with different products in order to earn a sale.