How to Land Media Sales During a Pandemic

BY Rachel Cagle
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There’s no use in sugarcoating it: These are dark times for landing media sales. With sporting events being canceled and businesses either closing or reducing their spending until the quarantine does its work in eradicating the COVID-​19 outbreak, the advertising market is more competitive than ever. Sellers need to practice the best tactics to close sales during this time.

The first thing you need to know to make smart media sales is who you should be targeting right now. The COVID-​19 outbreak has not been kind to many types of businesses. However, according to a report by Standard Media Index, two product categories have continued to thrive without ceasing their ad spending, even in the midst of a pandemic: pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods. Pharmaceutical companies increased their year-​over-​year ad spending by 18% and consumer packaged goods’ rose by 16%. Why? “Both categories support consumers with at-​home supplies and health remedies,” said Standard Media Index. Companies that offer necessary goods, especially during times of mass sickness, and succeed in pickup and home delivery won’t see a need to cut their ad spending. Target them.

But which types of media should you be offering to these prospects? Standard Media Index says that, “video continues to get the highest share of any channel for major marketers with both traditional and digital media.” Additionally, viewership of local TV news channels is up and more Americans are tuning into the radio for both entertainment and news updates. Even before the quarantine, Americans were also spending quite a bit of time online. With nothing better to do under the stay-​at-​home orders, that time has likely increased.

Now you know which media types your client’s customers are consuming, but which ones will actually motivate consumers to make purchases? AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel has a wealth of audience profiles that can grant insight into which media resulted in the most sales last year. For example, did you know that Frequent Drugstore Shoppers are 122% more likely than other consumers to take action after seeing pre-​roll video ads? Insight into buyer's minds will make businesses more receptive to your media sales.

Knowledge is power when the stakes are high. If you take the time to research who you should be targeting and which types of media will be best for them, you’ll have a higher chance of landing media sales, even during a pandemic.