How to Spark Conversation with Non-​TV Ads

BY Rachel Cagle
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Conversations are the cause of around 19% of sales, reports MIT researchers. That’s why TV advertising has been so prominent for so long. Watching TV is generally a social activity people enjoy with family and friends, whether it’s at home, in a bar, hair salon, or anywhere. People watching together see commercials and they’ll begin to talk about them and bring others into the conversation later, leading to further potential for business. So, what are advertisers going to do now that cord cutting is only becoming more prevalent?

There’s still hope. A study by EngagementLabs has revealed that mobile and desktop ads are now the leading advertising channels driving conversations. There are just a few adjustments advertisers have to make to their strategies in order to increase that conversation rate even more.


  • Tell a Story: “Rather than focus on buying reach and tonnage, there will be a new emphasis on developing relationships and driving engagement. Story-​telling and content marketing will become more important,” reports EngagementLabs. The company recommends that advertisers think of their ads as TV shows or mini-​movies. Emotional interest needs to be gained in a short amount of time to drive conversation, and digital video is a great way to accomplish this.
  • Start Sponsoring: Who are your clients’ primary audiences? What do they enjoy? If the answer includes sports, concerts or other sponsorable happenings, make sure your client is on the sponsorship list. That action will get their company seen and, better yet, associated with the things their customers love and will definitely be talking about.
  • Get Shares: After you develop engaging content, have your clients start sending it directly to their customers through email or social media, and make sure that they can easily pass it along to their friends. If consumers are impressed with an ad they feel is exclusive, they’ll be more eager to share it with their friends and family, both openly on social media and through private messages.

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