How to Use AI to Reduce Paid Social Media Advertising Costs

BY Rachel Cagle
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AI can save agencies and media sellers money, and not by replacing the human workforce like so many people are afraid of. In actuality, AI reduces paid social media advertising costs by handling the tasks you and your team are tired of.

How to Use AI to Reduce Paid Social Media Advertising Costs

Time is Money

Let’s be honest, the aspect of marketing that costs the most money is funding the time it takes you and your team to put everything together for your clients. A lot of that time is taken up by busy work that you and your team are tired of handling. You’d rather be spending time on more high-​value aspects of projects than doing simple tasks that don’t require much brain power. Why not let AI handle those tasks for you?

According to a report by Constant Contact, small to medium-​sized businesses who have started utilizing AI save roughly this much time on marketing tasks per week:

  • 26–40 minutes: 39% of small businesses report these time savings
  • 41–60 minutes: 22%
  • 11–25 minutes: 20%
  • 60+ minutes: 11%

Imagine what those numbers could add up to for an agency like yours. The time you save could be used to work on other tasks for your agency, like handling more hands-​on tasks for additional clients. Increasing efficiency and automating simple tasks is what AI offers to agencies.

Top AI Benefits for Marketers

According to a post from Marketing Dive, “the top applications of AI for marketers include:

  • Summarizing content: 44%
  • Doing legwork or inspiring thinking: 41%
  • Personalizing customer and user content: 33%
  • Conducting research: 30%
  • Producing content faster: 30%
  • Improving customer service: 17%"

Can you think of steps in your paid social media advertising process related to these points that could benefit from AI?


Think of all the tasks that are a part of the paid social media advertising process for your clients. You can automate some of those tasks, right? You and your team don’t need to take your time away from high-​profile tasks to focus on things that could be automated by a machine, like posting at the proper time. Let AI handle it.

Copy Ideas

Even if you and your team don’t trust AI to write your paid social media advertising posts for you, the drafts AI provides can give you a good head start. By asking AI to write a few drafts of upcoming social ads for you, you can mix and match AI’s best ideas for a post. At the very least, it could give you an idea for the direction of an ad you and your team can write yourselves. Best-​case scenario: It writes a post that works really well for your client, and you may just provide minor edits. You’ve saved so much time by not having to produce copy from scratch. That’s the power of AI.

AI provides better copy with more details from you on what you and your client are looking for. You can get audience information for the prompt from AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. There, you can look up:

With all that information, AI will be more likely to produce paid social media advertising copy that you’ll use with minor edits on the first try.

AI’s Impact

Even though only 46% of SMBs surveyed for Constant Contact’s report only have a beginner’s understanding of the benefits of using AI and automation, 91% of those using it say that AI has made their business more successful. Ready to have your agency say the same?

Photo by Joshua Mayo