If You Aren't Qualifying Leads, You're Likely Wasting Time

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With memories of the most recent economic downturn still fresh, it can be hard to not leap onto every opportunity for new business that arises. But if you don’t take time to qualify leads, you can get stuck wasting a lot of valuable time and money with a customer who really isn’t a good fit. It’s especially important when business is booming in your industry, like it is in the remodeling market. “It’s been a busy year so far, and economists predict the remodeling business will continue its strength,” writes Liz Smutko for Remodelers Advantage. “That means your time… is at a premium. To use it efficiently, you’ve got to concentrate on the leads that will turn into jobs.”

Do Homework

You might not be sure how to even properly determine whether or not a prospect is qualified. One of the first steps is to ensure that you have all of the basic information, such as name, business, contact information, etc. If that information was transmitted electronically, take time to confirm it all. Once that is done, it’s time to get a clearer picture of the prospect. Find out the home’s age, how long they’ve been living there, the home’s value, who lives there, etc. Finding out this information before meeting with the prospect actually saves time and helps you be more in control of the first meeting.

Talk Money

Once you have a picture painted of the prospect, it’s time to discuss the desired project, which will help in qualifying the lead. It’s also time to discuss price, and while it may seem early to do so, it’s a must-do. “This crucial step is uncomfortable for a lot of people,” writes Smutko. “It seems abrupt-you’ve just established some rapport. But you have to know if your potential client has a realistic idea of what their project will cost and how they’ll pay for it. And they may not know project costs, which is why they contacted you.”

To read her all of her advice, check out the entire article, and make the effort to implement her tips before meeting with your next lead. You’ll find these qualifying strategies and conversations can really make your entire sales process much more efficient!

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