Ignite Client Engagement with 3 Easy Methods

BY Rachel Cagle
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Engaged clients are happy clients. But that’s not always an easy task for a busy salesperson. Especially since creative customer service is becoming increasingly important as more companies increase their focus on service. So, what are some relatively easy ways to offer quality customer engagement and service? Here are a few suggestions from CustomerThink writer Himanshu Agarwal:

Be Prepared

Let’s start with the basics. When a client reaches out to you, your responsibility is to reward their outreach with quality service. That means knowing how you can help them right off that bat. Now, that doesn’t mean their needs will be solved instantaneously. It means that you can tell them during that initial conversation what can be done to provide for their present need and about how long it will take. Your problem-​solving knowledge will give clients peace of mind and more confidence in your ability to serve them, even if a problem should arise.

Be Social

Everyone is on social media. It’s not only a place to catch up with friends and look at cute cat memes, it’s also a business hub. So, use your company’s social networks to broadcast satisfied clients’ success stories. By posting about your clients and their experiences on social media for the world to see, you’re showing everyone, clients included, that you care about their experiences and the service you give. This will not only give your clients publicity, it also serves as a marketing tool for you. When a potential customer is looking into who to buy from, they’ll probably check out your company’s social media feed and ratings. There, they’ll find your numerous examples of satisfied clients, and that can influence them to buy from you as well.

Be Generous

Random acts of kindness go a long way when developing healthy business relationships. An example Agarwal gives of this is, “giving them a surprise discount, bonus or offer they never saw coming. Such as receiving a free discount for being a customer for so long.” It’s a gift to them, but it also associates generosity such as this example with staying with your company.