Increase Feedback and Loyalty Using 2 Questions

BY Rachel Cagle
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Are you asking the right questions to gain the most valuable feedback from your existing clients? Sure, you could send them a survey full of questions in the hopes of getting as much information out of your clients as possible. But you know most are going to take one look at that and decide it’s not worth their time. What if you could get the information you need with just two questions? Here are a few CustomerThink recommends:

What made you chose to work with us?

This question helps with both customer service and future sales. You’ll learn just what it was about your products or services that intrigued your clients, as well as what aspects of your post-​sale services they thought set you above the competition.  Are you still fulfilling those initial promises? If not, it’s time to incorporate the value your client viewed as a make-​or-​break factor of your business relationship. Broken promises to not lead to client loyalty.

What could we be doing better?

Ah, yes. The dream-​shattering question. You’d like to think there’s nothing wrong with your service, but not everyone thinks the same way you do. Some clients may want more contact methods through which to reach you, more outreach attempts to see how they’re doing so they don’t have to be the ones to reach out first. The only way you’ll know for sure is to ask. Then you have to make sure you act on their responses. If you don’t implement the changes your clients are asking for in a timely manner, they may be less inclined to provide you with further feedback in the future. Clients who don’t feel listened to will stop talking and you’ll be lucky if they don’t take their business elsewhere.

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