Innovation, Convenience Continues to Drive Sales of Breakfast Daypart

Many restaurants and retailers have found success in the breakfast daypart. Fifty-​nine percent of consumers surveyed by Packaged Facts have visited a limited-​service-​restaurant or food retailer for breakfast. Breakfast

In a new report, Packaged Facts estimates breakfast sales growing 5% in 2013 to over $47B, so there are continued opportunities for restaurants and retailer in expanding their breakfast programs. For restaurants, innovation and convenience will be big drivers of the morning meal.

Among consumers surveyed, the survey found that 24% of customers take breakfast to go and 19% use a drive-​thru for off-​premise breakfast. In 2014, Packaged Facts expects breakfast sales to grow by more than 5%.


Although eggs account for more than a third of breakfast items chosen by consumers, they need a strong supporting cast of ingredients and aren’t necessarily the only items on consumers’ mind. Enhancing and continually innovating menus is important.

Those diners ordering a breakfast burrito was 15%, which reflects a growing minority consumer base and an emerging travel-​seasoned and foodie culture, so breakfast that has global influences will be popular, particularly in more urban and diverse markets.


Retailers should look at convenience, ease of access and portability, along with developing a strong beverage program-that’s just for starters and key for C‑store operators. Coffee is ordered in 90% of the transactions in C‑stores.

A good number of consumers are also looking for cold and hot tea beverage options so those need to be woven into any strong breakfast beverage program.

Innovation on the menu in other key areas should not be overlooked:

  • Providing healthy offerings, while featuring indulgence items
  • Ensuring portability for on-​the-​go success
  • Bringing in items with superfood status and “wellness” characteristics

Convenience is a must for any food retailer, including C‑stores and supermarkets. More than a quarter of consumers tell Packaged Facts that breakfast users would be motivated by locations that are more convenience.

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