Innovative Ways to Maximize Productivity For BDRs

BY Kathy Crosett
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For business development (BDR) reps, the pressure to maximize productivity never lets up. In 2024, 39.3% of BDR professionals received a quota increase, reports 6sense research. 

To maintain team dynamics and deal flow, managers must actively help BDRs succeed in the new B2B marketplace. Managers can help sales reps who are waiting for great leads to be passed along by the BDR team.

Innovative Ways to Maximize Productivity For BDRs

The latest research shows BDR team members are working both outbound and inbound leads.

For outbound lead management, BDRs primarily use email and social media. And they leave nothing to chance.

As 6sense data indicates, BDRs are also multithreading. The company’s analysts define this practice as follows. “… Contact multiple individuals inside a prospect account before concluding that there is no opportunity present.”

But BDRs are not always able to reach the right people. In the past year, the number of contacts reached dropped from 7.1 to 6.4.

In total, 6sense analysts report that BDRs reach out 17 times to each contact at a prospect’s account. The outreaches break out as follows on average:

  • Email 6.5
  • Call 5.8
  • Social 4.9

Increasing Visibility at the Right Time

Your BDRs need data and content to share with prospects as they continue their outreach. Before they make contact with prospects, they should address their online visibility.

Posting a variety of content on social sites such as social media establishes topical authority and increases visibility. The visibility requirement is key. Recent research, including our own, points to changed buyer behavior in the B2B process.

Buyers don’t want meetings, especially not before they’ve decided on a vendor. This new process means the life of a BDR rep has changed too.

Instead of trying to arrange a meeting, the outreach should be about providing education, says 6sense analysts. “Inviting prospects to strategy sessions with subject-​matter experts,” can be a way to demonstrate concern about positive outcomes.

Also, our research confirms that buyers hunt for solutions and industry thought leaders before they reach out to a company. This new reality means BDRs must constantly be monitoring their digital presence.

Monitoring the online activity of their prospects and contacts at those accounts is an additional must. And using the right platform, such as SalesCred PRO, can be a gamechanger.

This work pattern marks a big change from what reps may have done in the past. Positive reinforcement and training can make a difference. This aspect of the BDR’s workflow should be the focus of the sales manager’s attention.

Unfortunately, the 6sense study has uncovered a pattern of declining support for BDRs. The percentage of BDRs who feel supported in their role dropped from 76% to 58% between 2022 and 2024.

Maximize Productivity with the Right Tools

In addition, BDRs don’t feel always confident in the tools they use to connect with prospects and accounts. Those BDRs aren’t as successful in making quota. One way to help them increase confidence and credibility is to provide AI-​based technology.

Writing tools that generate emails matched to the recipient’s style make a difference. These same tools can also create email drafts for BDRs who may procrastinate because they don’t know what to say.

Technology can help your BDR team maximize efficiency. But there’s no substitute for manager support. On a weekly basis, managers should touch base with each BDR to learn where they face challenges.

For some BDRs, time management may be the biggest problem. In facing a wide-​open market, they may not be sure how to start. A good manager who coaches a BDR on managing time can anticipate improved performance and outcomes.

It’s worth noting that 50% of sales professionals we surveyed reported that confidence (52%) and self-​motivation (51%) are key to their success. To some extent, managers agree.

But 52% of managers also want their BDRs to make the best use of their planning and prioritization skills. One way to do that is to map time use. When reps track where their time goes, they and their manager can streamline processes as necessary.

The bottom line is that sales managers must help BDRs use the tools and platforms that will maximize productivity.

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