Internet Has Most Influence on Teen Purchasing Habits

Teens and young adults spend an average $2200 per year — from a combination of their own and their parents' money — on expenses including cellphones ($864), fashion purchases ($624), videogames ($276), electronics ($240), and movies ($216), according to AOL and OTX. 

They spend an average $72 month on their cellphones, though 80% of teens aged 14–17 get help from their parents paying for it.More than half of young adults aged 18–24 (51%) are entirely responsible for their phone bills.

The Internet is the most frequently cited source of how teens learn about new products in electronics, fashion, and music. However, they are slightly more likely to learn about new movies through the television.

Nearly nine in 10 girls aged 14–24 (88%) are interested in fashion, compared to 61% of their male counterparts. Three in four girls (77%) prefer to shop in stores, however, 41% also shop online.

Three Screen Nation: AOL Teen Study,”  conducted byAOL.  Website: www​.aol​.com.
OTX, NickWilliams, Director Media & Entertainment Insights, Email: nwilliams@​otxresearch.​com.