Are you investing in sales as a profession?

BY Jessica Helinski
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Every person probably has his or her own checklist of what makes a salesperson great. Each list will vary, though likely, there will be many commonalities. Certain characteristics are necessary for success in the industry, and in her experience working with top salespeople, Colleen Stanley noticed specific shared traits. In an article for SalesPOP, she highlights these five:

  • High emotional self-​awareness AND self-​regard. Successful reps are confident yet also able to identify their weaknesses. This combination allows them to admit their mistakes and, most importantly, learn from them.
  • A “student of sales.” Truly great salespeople view sales as their profession. They actively seek self-​improvement by soliciting advice from industry veterans and sales superstars, and as a result, learn more than others.
  • A team player. Reps who excel know that it takes an entire team to succeed. “Excellent salespeople build relationships with their external and internal customers,” Stanley explains. “They recognize that their peers are executing the sale after the sale. They don’t have the ‘I brought it in the door, now it’s up to you’ mentality.”
  • Makes lemonade out of lemons. Things aren’t always going to be sunshine, and industry standouts are able to deal with a few clouds, as well as find the silver lining.
  • Has fun. Yes, the best salespeople take their jobs seriously. But, they also know how to enjoy those jobs and have fun. They like what they do, they like their product/​service, and above all, they like their clients. “Excellent salespeople recognize that the selling profession, done right, creates great business relationships and friendships,” she writes.

After reading this list, how many of these traits do you think you possess? If you can’t relate to any, then consider how you can shift your mindset and strategy.  Finally, do you think she left any vital traits out?