Jersey Marketing Sponsorships for Pro Teams to Heat up for 2013

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As Major League Soccer gets underway this month, so do the sponsorships for this sport. soccermatchSponsorships, in general, are a great way for a marketer to get its name in front of a lot of people who are emotionally impressionable during an event like a game. Sports sponsorships can work well at the national, regional, and local levels and this year there is growing interest in paying for jersey sponsorships.

The most valuable sports sponsorships are typically linked to stadium naming rights. For example, Home Depot, spent $70 million on a 10-year stadium name deal for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Other deals allow marketers to be official presenting sponsors. The Los Angeles Galaxy has a $44 million, 10-year contract for that purpose with Herbalife, which also includes a jersey deal. For marketers seeking exposure on a small scale,  jersey sponsorships are attracting attention.  These kinds of deals cost a marketer between $1 million and $4 million for a season.

The idea of jersey sponsorships at the pro level is relatively new in the U.S. but one that is expanding. As teams look for new revenue sources, a study by Horizon Media estimated that up to $370 million in sponsorship money could be generated in jersey rights for the 4 major leagues – outside of soccer.

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