Keep 4th Quarter Sales Strong By Avoiding These Distractions

BY Jessica Helinski
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How do you approach 4th quarter sales? Some sellers are fueled by the desire to finish strong or meet a not-​yet-​achieved quota. Others may have a more relaxed approach, waiting to pick up speed again once the new year begins.

No matter your strategy, it’s important to keep distractions at bay during this busy time.

Keep 4th quarter sales healthy by avoiding distractions

There are plenty of ways sales can get off track at the end of the year. Companies handle business differently, and it can be chaotic at times. It can be easy to get caught up in it, even if your sales approach is laid-​back in the 4th quarter.

It’s important to keep priorities straight and not get distracted by time-​wasting tasks and efforts. According to sales expert Amy Franko, the 4th quarter is time “to identify and eliminate distractions.” Reps may need to refocus on ”revenue-​producing elements like target accounts, decision makers, and effective messaging.”

Scrutinize more

Quality qualification should always be part of your strategy. But when it comes to 4th quarter sales, you need to be extra critical of opportunities for new business. Time is of the essence, and you don’t want to end your year wasting time on a prospect that leads to nothing. 

Franko recommends asking yourself, “Will this activity lead to a sales conversation, a qualified sales opportunity, access to a decision maker or forward progress?” When first considering a lead, remember this detail.

If you answer yes, tap into other qualification strategies to vet the opportunity even more. Consider using the BANT strategy if you haven’t already. And to avoid mistakes common to this method, take a look at this guidance

As Frank explains, “There are endless sales activities available to us. Many have a degree of value, but when they are scrutinized in more detail they’re nothing more than distractions that don’t produce revenue or profit.”

Streamline your activities

When looking to maximize 4th quarter sales, sellers should also cast a critical eye toward their schedules and calendars. You  may not even realize how much time is wasted on not-​so important to-dos. 

Salespeople will often end up spending a significant amount of their time on time-​consuming, manual, and repetitive tasks that aren’t especially value-​adding and could easily be avoided,” according to Vainu​.com.  

 As the year draws to a close, take a step back and look at how you spend your days. Then, as Frank recommends, ask yourself, “What can I add, delegate, or delete from my sales activities this week?”

Even eliminating one or two tasks a week can lead to big time savings. And you don’t have to completely eliminate tasks; simply put them on hold  until the new year. If you can’t cut back on anything, consider using digital tools to streamline activities. 

Automation can handle repetitive tasks like data entry, follow-​up emails, and appointment scheduling,” according to the professionals at Trevor Ambrose. Implementing an automation tool frees you from distracting tasks that take up more time than they’re worth. Take a look at this advice regarding choosing sales tools and using them effectively.

Don’t let distractions lead to a weak year-end

Sales distractions serve to pull you out of the moment,” writes Rhys Metler for Salesforce Search. “If you’re distracted, you won’t be putting your best effort into closing the deal. Even minor sales distractions can take your attention away from a potential sale.”

End your 4th quarter sales on a high note by eliminating these distractions that can derail productivity. Simple adjustments will keep you on task, focused on high-​impact activities and progressing toward a strong finish.

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