Keep Quiet, Ask Questions to Woo Prospects

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764088_shhhh In a recent survey of buyers of professional services, RainToday​.com found that listening skills were considered to be lacking among service providers when it comes to the sales pitch. "Service provider did not listen to me" was ranked as one of the top problems, while "service provider talked too much" ranked fourth on the list. General Manager of RainToday Erica Stritch offers some tips on how providers can shake off this less-than-ideal stigma. Stritch presents two examples of a sales pitch, the first being a traditional "pitch" and the second she titles a "conversation." Click here for her examples, and read why the "conversation" approach is the strategy salespeople should use, and why. Additionally, Stritch emphasizes the importance of asking questions. While this starts off with the salesperson speaking, it opens up the opportunity for the prospect to take center stage. "Asking great questions-the types of questions that get your prospects talking about their challenges, hopes, and desires-is critical to learning how to listen," she writes. "Asking questions can allow you to not only uncover needs, but to establish your credibility by giving yourself an opening to share expertise and relevant experience seamlessly." Learning when to speak up, and when to listen, is key to establishing a healthy business relationship in which the prospect feels heard and understood, and it allows insight into the prospect’s needs and the best ways for your business to meet those needs.

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