Keep Up on First-Person Feedback

Companies spend millions on sending out consumer surveys, conducting polls, and organizing focus groups. But, many are overlooking a free, and more personal, glimpse into consumers’ opinions.  The Internet is home to countless sites where consumers can give blatant feedback on everything from a recent stay at a hotel to a new shampoo. In his article, “How to Hear the Voice of Your Customers: Hone First-Person Intelligence From All Forms of Feedback”, David Bean, Ph.D. writes that customers’ rants and raves online are “as close to mind reading as companies are likely to get.” He goes on to say that call-center notes, open note sections of surveys, emails, weblogs, chat rooms, online forums, and product reviews are great resources for tapping into “first-person feedback.” According to Bean, first-person feedback is…

  • Focused on the personal
  • Constitutes the majority of input
  • Contains rich descriptions
  • Explores unexpected topics
  • Details the "why" of an event or opinion
  • Reveals opportunities
  • Expects responses
  • Provides early warnings
  • Affects, most likely, other people
  • Impacts revenue

This first-person feedback can help your agency better gauge how consumers feel about your clients (and perhaps you’ll even come across something written by your clients). Check out the article for the author’s take on how to most efficiently use this information, including what key questions can be answered with this type of feedback.

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