Keep Up On Online Criticism

Social media is emerging as a powerful marketing tool. Instant, available, and inexpensive, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon by offering interactive websites, blogs, and forums to consumers. But, this is also risky. Negative comments and reviews can deter prospective clients, as well as tarnish a reputation in the industry. So, how can your agency offer online interaction and save face? Marketing Profs offers a few suggestions on how to handle criticism over the Internet. The top no-no is to delete any negative comments left on a company site, whether it is a feedback section, forum, or blog: Censorship will only add fuel to the fire. Instead, the article suggests using the negativity as an “alert system,” which allows you to tackle any issue before it snowballs. By addressing the negative feedback, you are not only impressing the unhappy client with your response, but also revealing your commitment to customer service. Prospective clients will see that you acknowledge problems when they arise, as well as encourage feedback from clients.

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