Latinos Outpace Other Population Segments as Consumers of Household Products

Fifty-​one million strong and with households that spend more than any other population segment on laundry and household cleaning supplies, Latinos have an especially significant impact on the market for household products, according to "The Latino Household Products Shopper," by market research publisher Packaged Facts. 

"Latinos, as part of the big spender segment in grocery stores, represent prime targets for marketers of household products, both in the store and before the store," says David Sprinkle, publisher of Packaged Facts.

The report identifies a high correlation between overall spending by U.S. households on groceries and spending on household products. Experian Simmons data reveals that 68% of Latino households spend an average of $80 or more per week on groceries, while 42% of Latino households spend an average of $125 or more. Packaged Facts' proprietary survey data show that grocery shoppers who spent at least $80 on their last grocery shopping trip are 41% more likely than shoppers on average to buy household products such as laundry and household cleaners, paper products and plastic products.

In the past decade, Latino spending on household products grew at a rate nearly three times faster than that of other households. On average, Latino households are 40% larger than other households and are much more likely to use high volumes of a broad range of household products–with a strong preference for national brands over store brands.

The household products market will see a continuation of the healthy growth in expenditures by Latino households, especially on products Latinos have shown a higher tendency to use, such as cleaning/​disposable wipes, carpet deodorizers/​fresheners, air freshener sprays/​room deodorants, abrasive cleaners, scouring pads/​sponges, oven cleaners, in-​bowl and in-​tank toilet cleaners, fabric softeners, bleach, disposable food containers, disposable cups and plates and paper napkins. Packaged Facts projects that spending on laundry and cleaning supplies and other household products will grow from $7 billion in 2011 to $10 billion in 2016, representing cumulative growth of 40% during the forecast period. Marketers can benefit from focusing more directly on the Latino market in product segments Latinos are less likely to use such as rug cleaners/​shampoos, floor wax/​polishers, drain cleaners, laundry boosters/​pre-​soaks/​pre-​cleaners, plastic wrap and facial tissues.

[Source:  "The Latino Household Products Shopper."  Packaged Facts.  6 Sept. 2011.  Web.  13 Sept. 2011.]