Local Ad Sales Managers Downgrade 2011 Projections, Still Optimistic About Digital and Automotive According to AdMall Study

In December 2010, nearly 95 percent of advertising sales managers projected increased ad revenue in 2011, but a new study shows 76 percent now anticipate increases, and with much lower overall expectations.

According to the mid-​year update of the AdMall 2011 Local Advertising Sales Forecast, just 1.5 percent of these ad managers anticipated a decline in sales coming into the year, now 16.1 percent project lower numbers. By media type, broadcast and cable TV managers are the most upbeat, while one in five newspaper managers predict a decline.

Advertising has not come back as strongly as hoped, so it’s crucial for management to try to keep teams motivated and to reevaluate non-​revenue-​focused activities,” said C. Lee Smith, President/​CEO of AdMall. “To increase sales in this climate, media companies need to spend less time meeting with themselves and more time meeting with advertisers,” Smith said.

On a positive note, managers and account executives say compared to the first half of the year it is now easier to sell digital advertising. However both groups admitted to a continued lack of expertise in this area.

The study of 1,382 advertising sales personnel was conducted in June 2011 by AdMall to analyze 2011 advertising sales to date, projections for the year overall as well as challenges faced in the industry.

Additional findings from this study will be available in August at the MediaSalesToday​.com blog and the Media Sales Professionals group on LinkedIn.


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