Local Advertisers Want Help with Search and Social Media Marketing

BY Kathy Crosett
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If you’re selling media space and digital services to local businesses, you know tech is on their minds. Tech-​based solutions should be on your mind too. The new Street Fight State of Hyper Local report is based on feedback from execs who sell tech and digital services to small businesses. Here’s where they say the market is headed.

Vendors tend to invest in technology that their customers are asking about. This year, most SMBs are focused on the following formats when it comes to local ad spending:

  • Social media marketing 55%
  • Websites, SEO, listings management 42%
  • Mobile marketing 33%
  • Paid search 23%
  • Digital display advertising 19%
  • Email marketing 18%
  • Location data and analytics 14%

Analysts point out that the hot topics of augmented and virtual reality didn’t make the list. Chatbots aren’t a ‘thing’ either, according to most SMBs. On the other hand, your clients need help with marketing formats that deliver true ROI.

Here’s what the surveyed service providers believe that marketers who advertise locally are struggling with:

  • Listings management 27%
  • Social media marketing 26%
  • SEO 26%
  • Mobile marketing 26%
  • Content marketing/​native advertising 24%


When the focus is narrowed to SMBs in the local economy, experts say SEO (50%) and paid search (33%) are the big sources of frustration. Who can blame these business owners? With search technology frequently changing, it’s nearly impossible for small local businesses to keep up. That’s where your company comes in. By positioning yourself as a search expert, you can remove SMB anxiety about search ad spending strategy and effectiveness.

Social Media

Social media is another pain point for clients. Analysts point out that SMBs often make customer acquisition a top priority. But, marketers frequently miss that mark in their social media campaigns. Analysts say ‘social media needs to be more highly tuned to driving site traffic via calls to action, product reviews and viral pass-along.’

Check out how well your clients are doing with search and social media by running a digital audit report on AdMall from SalesFuel. Then discuss an action plan and sell your digital media services.